Maximum 8 in a class

Bridge4’s pilates classes

If you are new to Bridge4 or Pilates, or haven’t exercised for a while, this is the class for you.

Bridge4 Pilates

This class covers a broad range of matwork Pilates moves and focusses on getting you familiar with and practising the techniques you’ll need to isolate muscle groups and activate them correctly.

Pilates classes at Bridge4 are physio led, in small groups and with close supervision. They will help you improve body control and movement, creating balance between strength and flexibility, improve posture, core strength, body shape and tone, breathing, coordination and body awareness.

Physio Led

Small Groups

An initial 121 Pilates training session with a physio is needed prior to starting mat work Pilates at Bridge4 to ensure you learn good technique in muscle activation from the outset.
All Pilates classes have a maximum of 8.

Member's Journeys

"I don't do gyms - not my thing, but as I hit 30 I realised the effects of my social life were taking a hit on me!"

Philippa Wells


"I’ve been benefiting from the expert advice and direction from Bridge4 since the middle of 2016"

Rosemary Conley


"I have always used gyms but not these types of class before. I gave Bridge4 a try and I love it. "

Jon Straw



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