Bridge4 Prime

Bridge4 Fitness for senior citizens

Health and Fitness offers a special class designed by physiotherapists to help maintain good health through later years.
A unique fun filled exercise session suitable for seniors in their later years who are keen to stay physically active. Designed by Physiotherapists

Stronger healthier years…

If you are looking to keep active in later life, not sure how… feel you are too old..concerned about exercising…or maybe you have underlying conditions that concern you… perhaps you simply want to build greater confidence in getting more active… then this class is for you. This class has been designed by Physiotherapists in line with the science of ageing. Develop and improve your strength, mobility and balance, safely and effectively in a bright and friendly, fun filled environment.

In small groups, with expert coaching and guidance and using a mix of lower intensity exercise to boost heart health and lower impact muscle strengthening exercises, we will help you build confidence in exercising and movement in ways you thought left you years ago!

Building confidence

Roll back the years…

We will show you, under the guidance of expert trainers how improvements to your strength, balance and confidence help you to feel younger, and with increased energy so you can enjoy life to the full! Age no barrier…


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