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Alan P


Dare to be different! Gyms are about power, repetition, burn out and hot tired muscles at the end of a session – proving you have worked hard.

How wrong can you be!!
Variety, control and perfection in technique with proper warm up, cool down and stretching to maximize your ability – not everyone else’s. That’s what happens at Bridge4Health.

As a performance hockey coach specializing in technique (some years ago) it was a breath of fresh air finding Bridge4Health. Previously I had been persuaded to do Pilates to loosen up and make me more flexible. Joining a leisure centre class of around 25 people just didn’t do it for me. After every session I hurt, really hurt – not a pleasant burn that one gets after high intensity work.

So what a pleasant surprise finding Bridge4Health. Perfection in technique, not heavy repetition doing it wrongly. I now find that I work even harder in sessions like Bridge Push and Bridge Plus on the Bridge Programme, (a circuit like exercise class with bikes and rowers and varied strength exercises etc.) Classes are limited to around 6 participants and Physio led.

Last October I unfortunately suffered a small stroke and couldn’t walk unaided. With guidance from Alex and Bridge4Health I have gradually got better in balance and strength and am now much fitter than before the stroke.

Why are they different? Because they care about YOU and your progress. If you want to work on a Charles Atlas physique and don’t mind strained muscles then this is the wrong place for you.
If you want to be more flexible, stronger and aim for longer life – then try it. You won’t be disappointed!


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