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Karen G

I have a history of gym joining but was finding it financially too much of a burden and I wasn’t getting value for money because of my Parkinson’s. Susie, an ex-employee (and the daughter of a neighbour of ours,) was very enthusiastic about Bridge4 and used words like 1:1 assessment and personnel programme writing. A visit was arranged and I have never looked back.

Bridge4studio has helped me in so many ways. On a fitness level I feel I have more energy. I am starting to lose weight, which is always a bonus. On a personal level the support you get from all the staff is first class Their attitude is professional and very positive. Staff banter with each other and together they make the atmosphere at Bridge4 a happy and safe place to work and become fitter in.

You are unique. When trying to highlight how different you are from standard gym environments it is almost impossible. You are not comparing like with like I speak as someone who has spent time in 5 different gyms in Leicestershire and with each I became bored mainly because there were few classes I could take part in as living with Parkinson’srestricted me in my choice. I can honestly say I have never been bored at BRIDGE4!

Karen G


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