The Bridge4Programme is unique
Class workout level
The Bridge4Programme is a unique, Physio coached programme to help you start exercising. It is a programme designed to help you graduate from entry level, safely and successfully to higher levels of exercise. Bridge4 Base is the entry level, Bridge4Push is an intermediate level and Bridg4Plus, is an intermediate to advanced level.





The Bridge4 Programme
The Bridge4 Programme is specially designed by physiotherapists for those new to, or returning to exercise. It will help build confidence in getting more active, safely. You will receive detailed technique coaching by a physiotherapist, under close supervision in small group sessions. If you are new to gym based exercise, concerned about exercising…maybe you have an underlying condition or are recovering from a recent illness…or maybe you simply want to build greater confidence in getting more active…then this programme is for you.
Start safely
Many are put off exercising because they find gyms daunting. The Bridge4programme is designed to ensure close, step by step coaching with a clinically qualified exercise specialist in a friendly environment. We will help you build confidence in technically correct, effective and safe exercise. Where necessary, Physio coaches adapt exercises specifically for you as you progress depending on your needs and real time heart rate monitoring helps you to see the evidence of your efforts.
The Bridge4 Programme helps you develop confidence steadily, with systematic exercise progressions, in a safe, step by step by step way under close supervision of a physiotherapist. You will develop skills in the fundamentals of safe movement postures and the use of small gym equipment and will learn how to adapt exercise specifically to your personal needs.
Build confidence
Turn ’can’t’ into ‘can’
From a steady and safe start, The Bridge4 Programme will help you to see that for the things you think you cant do, there is a way that you can. And as you progress through the Bridge4 Programme you will find you will build confidence in many aspects of your life, feeling stronger, more able and with more energy. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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